The Mystery Of The Gamelan Sekaten Surakarta

The history of the tradition of the Sekaten rolling since the time of Majapahit until now, leaving a great mystery surrounding the Gamelan Sekaten, which is believed to bring good luck. Because, the Sultan of Solo and Yogyakarta which still survive, each have a pair of the Gamelan Sekaten. Where is the original from the time of Majapahit and
 Demak Bintoro?

POSMO-when the power of the Demak Bintoro switches to Display the Gamelan Sekaten Hadiningrat, as the inheritance of the Kingdom also changed hands. The transition period from Demak to Post this also stops the execution of the sekaten tradition, because the situation of war and chaos. Record not found in the age of Sultan Hadiwijaya sekaten, who ascended the throne in the Kingdom of Pajang in 1550 AD. But it is possible there is a tradition of the sekaten Post, since the reign of Pajang gemah ripah jinawi, tablets for about 40s years.

At the end of the heyday of Pajang, Mataram tlatah Hadiningrat founded by Ki Ageng Pemanahan in 1586 ad. Located on the outskirts of times Opaque named alas Mentaok (forest). This is the grant of Tlatah Sultan Hadiwijaya of Arya Penangsang kill Pemanahan success. In the years following, the prestige Post began to recede. Instead, slowly pamornya mencorong Hadiningrat Mataram to all parts of the country.

Panembahan Senopati whose been spreading wings to Eastern Java tlatah, has led to a situation in Central Java hot again. Some of the intrigue and warfare between Mataram and small post a lot written in the annals and Chronicles of Mataram. An attempt at a surprising Display of Mataram, ran aground on the way mentioned due to the eruption of Mount Merapi. Sultan Hadiwijaya due to illness, as a result of a fall from Elephant tunggangannya on that event.

With the death of Sultan Hadiwijaya which according to Dr. Purwadi MHum occurs in about 1587 M, appear various machinations of the power struggle. Ontran-ontran it subsided when Prince Benowo, eldest son of Panembahan Senopati Hadiwijaya asking for help for a Post when it was stormed by Riddhi Pangiri. Post finally collapsed. However, handing over the reins of power to the Benowo Panembahan Senopati. Thus ended the history of Pajang, and Mataram was succeeded by Muslims triumph Hadiningrat.

Gamelan Sekaten Divided Two

Various historical events great successor kingdoms jagat archipelago, of course have an impact on the many traditions that exist. Sekaten as ancestral heritage, traditions from the time to time also changes. In the midst of the development of it, tucked away much of the mystery. One Gamelan Sekaten, which is derived from the heritage of Sunan Kalijaga V and Brawjaya. Where is its existence, now?

Gamelan Sekaten as the inheritance of the Kingdom, were changed hands following the who's in power. Since Demak, Pajang, Mataram, Majapahit and Mataram, as much as that is the Gamelan Sekaten changed hands. However, the course of history has not ended. The reason, Mataram Hadiningrat himself then also broke into two, in 1755 Giyanti Treaty through the Ad.

Treasures include Gamelan Sekaten was then divided into two. However, it could not be ascertained which of the second Kingdom of Mataram frictions Hadiningrat it gets the Gong Kiai Sekar Pomegranate legacy of Brawijaya V and Gong Kiai Sekati heritage of Sunan Kalijaga. The results of research carried out in order to maintain historical sekaten 1991-1992 mentions only the Gamelan Sekaten, because it must be a pair, each Kingdom of Mataram frictions Hadiningrat (Solo and Yogyakarta) create a new Gong as his partner.

In the Yogyakarta Sultanate, a pair of Gamelan Sekaten by Sultan HAMENGKU BUWONO I renamed Kiai Guntur Madu and Kyai Nogowilogo. In the Gamelan Sekaten Kasunanan Surakarta, renamed Gong Kiai Guntur Madu and Kyai Guntur Sari. Predictably strong, the same two names, Kiai Thunder honey, a sign of both the original of this Gong Majapahit

Title : The Mystery Of The Gamelan Sekaten Surakarta
Description : The history of the tradition of the Sekaten rolling since the time of Majapahit until now, leaving a great mystery surrounding the Gam...
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